© Edward Tonini

We Shall Be His Bride

Edward Tonini

Glistening, radiant like the sun, never knowing time

Glorious, coming from above, never knowing night

Let all the earth sing praise to God

Darkness dies as the city comes making all things bright

For the Lord, the almighty God, fills it with true light


And we sing: "Worthy, worthy, is the Lamb that was slain,

who comes now to reign, and we shall be his Bride!"

Crystal clear, living water, the river of life

Flowing down from the throne of God, flowing from on high

Let all the earth sing praise to God

On each side of the river stands the tree of life

Bearing fruit so abundantly, healing all our strife

Standing tall with the saints of God, seeing face to face

Now we all have the mind of Christ and the Lord's own name

Let all the earth sing praise to God

Longing hearts, faithful to the Son, now are satisfied

Joyfully, to the feast we come, dressed in robes of white

Copyright © 1990 by Edward Tonini.  All rights reserved.

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