© Edward Tonini

God So Loved

Edward Tonini

Refrain:  God so loved the world that he gave his only son

              So that all who believe in him may have eternal life.


No greater love is there than this: than to give your life.

In the cross, we were shown God’s love: Christ died for us.

It is by grace, we are saved through faith; not of our own doing.

For good works, we are made in Christ, Jesus, light and life.

Called to his table as God’s family, share the bread of life.

Share the cup of the risen Lord. Jesus, we believe.

At the name of Jesus, ev’ry knee should bow.

Ev’rywhere, ev’ry tongue confess: Jesus Christ is Lord!

Adapt. & music Copyright © 2015 by Edward Tonini.  All rights reserved.